Can Mental Illness be Prevented or Cured?

Since the causes of long term mental illness brain disorders are not known, there is no effective prevention or cure at this time. However, there are treatments available which can substantially improve the function of persons with these disorders.

Adult Full Service Partnership Program Overview

“Adult Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs are designed for adults ages 26-59 who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and would benefit from an intensive service program. The foundation of Full Service Partnerships is doing “whatever it takes” to help individuals on their path to recovery and wellness. Full Service Partnerships embrace client driven services and supports with each client choosing services based on individual needs. Unique to FSP programs are a low staff to client ratio, a 24/7 crisis availability and a team approach that is a partnership between mental health staff and consumers.”

The above is the description from the DMH website. While ‘whatever it takes’ is a great marketing line, there are some exceptions. It should read ‘whatever it takes’, but no involuntary treatment. Clients need to want to be in the program, which we know, as relatives, can be the biggest stumbling block of all. While FSP is a top notch program, the criteria for entry are high, where a consumer has to have been in hospitals, jail, or on the street a significant amount of time. There is one exception to that rule, and that’s if the client is living at home, very severely mentally ill, and is at risk of being homeless.

Field Capable Clinical Services-Adults

“FCCS programs provide specialized mental health services delivered by a team of professional and Para-professional staff. The focus of FCCS is working with community partners to provide a wide range of services that meet individual needs. FCCS team members work outside the clinic in community settings with their partners to addresses mental health and other life needs, with a primary focus on overall health and building supportive community relationships. Community partnerships may be established at local health clinics, domestic violence shelters, refugee or cultural centers, community centers, and homeless shelters. The FCCS program is designed to provide services to individuals who are isolated, unwilling or unable to access traditional mental health outpatient services due to location/distance barriers, physical disabilities, or because of the stigma associated with receiving clinic-based services.”

This quote is also from the DMH website. FCCS again is a strictly voluntary program. While the expansion of FCCS is perhaps a response to the draconian cuts in non-MHSA services, it represents a healthy step for clinicians to leave the confines of the clinic and see clients in more comfortable surroundings.

Basic Outpatient Services

These are the traditional services found in the outpatient clinics that might include therapy and case management.

  • Hillview Mental Health Center (818-896-1161) in Pacoima.
  • San Fernando Mental Health Center (8-8-832-2400) in Granada Hills.
  • West Valley Mental Health Center((818) 407-3200) in Chatsworth.
  • MacDonald Carey in (818-908-3855) North Hollywood.
  • Center for Family Living (818-901-4854) in Van Nuys.

Wellness Centers/Client Run Centers

Wellness Centers/Client Run Centers are the response to the need for services for clients who have progressed to the point where traditional outpatient services aren’t necessary, but some support and socialization is needed for maintenance and to prevent a significant relapse. The Client/Run Centers are different in that a client doesn’t have to be a Medical patient and can be enrolled in a clinic outside of agency that provides services. In our Services Area, which is the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, the Client Run Center is run by San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc. Their number is 818-989-7475 .

The Wellness Centers are at:

  • The Victory Wellness Center (same number as the Client Run Center 818-989-7475) in Van Nuys.
  • Hillview Mental Health Center (818-896-1161) in Pacoima.
  • San Fernando Mental Health Center (818-832-2400) in Granada Hills.
  • West Valley Mental Health Center((818) 407-3200) in Chatsworth.



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