Friends in the Lobby offers smiles, compassion, information, and hope to visitors seeing their loved ones in behavioral health or psychiatric units of San Fernando Valley area hospitals.

It can be extremely stressful and traumatic to have a loved one in a hospital for a behavioral health emergency. To ease this stress and promote mental wellness, mental health education and support, NAMI San Fernando Valley has brought an innovative program original imagined by NAMI San Diego and NAMI Minnesota called NAMI In the Lobby or Friends in the Lobby (FIL).

NAMI in the Lobby’s mission is to provide outreach and engage individuals visiting their loved ones in local hospitals. Trained volunteers have a designated space in the lobby area of hospitals during visitation hours where they provide visitors with information on NAMI and other local mental health resources.

Most Lobby Volunteers have experience in the mental health system and know just how stressful and traumatic these experiences can be. By offering smiles, compassion, information and hope, visitors are introduced to valuable resources and supports that provide much needed relief in these stressful times.

Through Friends in the Lobby, NAMI San Fernando Valley proudly partners with Olive View Mental Hospital, and are looking to expand to other hospitals in the San Fernando Valley. We are also always looking for volunteers. If you would like to train to be a Lobby Volunteer, fill out the form below.