Facebook Fundraising


Thank you for choosing NAMI SFV as your non-profit to fundraise for! Below you will find detailed instructions on how to go about receiving donations from your network:



1. Select "Fundraisers" from your navigation bar on the left of the Facebook Homepage.


2. Click "Select Nonprofit" from the menu that appears after clicking "Fundraisers"


3. In the search bar, type "National Alliance on Mental Illness - San Fernando Valley" and you should see our organization listed


4. Select the amount you'd like to raise, and the duration of the fundraiser. Press "Next" when you're ready.


5. Get creative. Talk about what NAMI SFV means to you, tell a compelling story, or anything in between. When you're ready to move on press the "Next" button.



6. Choose a cover photo for your fundraiser! When you're finished press "Create"


7. After you've created your fundraiser, Facebook will prompt you to invite your Friends to join your cause. Select as many Friends as you can!



HelpLine: (818) 994-6747

email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 11100 Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 8 PMB 392., Mission Hills, CA 91345


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