Exploring L.A.’s Growing Problem with Competency Hearings

Los Angeles County’s lone mental health courthouse is having trouble keeping up with a flood of competency cases. Inmates arrive at 7:30 a.m. in county buses, are assessed by a psychiatrist, processed through a hearing approaching only 10 minutes long, and still they are so overbooked, hearings are rescheduled 3 or 4 times.  The mysterious surge of competency hearings in recent years is unprecedented.  Not only does it have public defenders and county clerks concerned; it has now drawn the attention of major publications like the Los Angeles Times. Continue reading

Join us for a Membership Meet and Greet!

Join us for FREE food, fun, and games! Meet the NAMI SFV Board and other NAMI SFV Members!  Click the image to get more information and RSVP!   Continue reading

An Olympian's Struggle With Depression

This week in the Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps received his 23rd gold medal in the men’s medley relay, making him the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympic Games.  This was an epic moment, considering the record was held for over 2,000 years. Leonidas of Rhodes received his 22nd gold medal in 152 B.C., a sprinter known for winning the hoplitodromos, a foot race requiring the athlete carry full armor and a shield. Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps have historically been held as exemplars of personal discipline and achievement.  That is why it is hard to contemplate someone exercising so much self-control, having fame, health, success to ever struggle with mental illness or thoughts of suicide. Continue reading


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