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Next live show will be on 11/02/2020 at 6 P.M. PST. 

Episode 10, 11 - 10/19/2020, 10/26/2020: Brandy Norwood

Join us for our two part interview with Brandy Norwood - the singer, start of the 90's sitcom "Moesha", and actress who gave a masterful performance in "Chicago". Listen to Brandy further discuss how she has handled personal challenges and found a path back to the light, creativity, and healing. 

Part 1 - Episode 10: 

Part 2 - Episode 11: 

Coming Soon! 

Episode 9 - 10/12/2020: Beth Boyd 

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with mental illness is recognizing the positive opportunities. Beth Boyd did that and boldly tells her epiphany she had while supporting her daughter as they both trudged the road of mental illness. Today her daughter is successfully living in recovery. Beth, a retired hospital chaplain sought out volunteer work and landed at NAMI SFV at her daughter’s suggestion.  Beth freely offers her heart, undertaking a myriad of volunteer positions; NAMI SFV Board Secretary, Instructor for QPR (suicide prevention class) and mental health first aid call, a Helpline volunteer, and Family Support Group facilitator.

Episode 8 - 10/05/2020: Yasmin Irfani

Fortunately for NAMI SFV, Yasmin Irfani,  is our NAMI SFV Youth Programs Director. Growing up as an only child in the Pakistani culture, she was labeled a highly sensitive girl. This label caused her to believe there was something horribly wrong with her and she needed fixing. Based on her experience, her culture and family didn’t speak about vulnerability nor emotions, like fear, sadness, and anger. Today as an adult, she does not stay silent which in turn has dissolved her label. Listening to her eloquently share how she bravely unlearns beliefs that don’t serve her anymore proves her to be a powerful role model for her community.   

Episode 7 - 09/28/2020: Adilene Valenzuela

"NAMI puts the most vulnerable people first,” says,  Adilene Valenzuela - NAMI GLAC Walk Manager and Manager of Public Programs. “When the most vulnerable are taken care of, everybody is taken care of.” Adilene’s vulnerability shines in this episode recounting her empathy for her college roommate’s panic attack and shame, never realizing that act of kindness was her first step on the path leading her towards NAMI.

Episode 6 - 09/21/2020: Robin Steiner

MHM welcomes another woman of valor, Robin Steiner. She’s a NAMI SFV Family to Family Teacher, Board Member, Support Group Facilitator, LAPD Mental Health Speaker and has a son with BiPolar I. Told by a doctor that her son was a lost cause this mother-bear fiercely and relentlessly got her son help and today he’s living a productive life. Mama Robin deserves a big bear-hug!

Episode 5 - 09/14/2020: Marla and Dave Thomas

“The Show Must Go On,” is the philosophy from our principled hosts, Marla and Dave, as they both individually support their beloved fathers during their respective end-of-life passages. This episode begins the reveal and process of their private world as parents dealing with mental health. Their tender hearts motivate them as a solid team providing a positive difference by helping others who need to recognize, accept, and manage mental illness. 

Episode 4 - 08/31/2020: Jim Randall

Jim Randall, as a child was terrorized by his older sibling who suffered from severe mental illness, rendering him helpless. As an adult, he found NAMI and dived into volunteering transcending fear and arriving at peace of mind. He’s currently on the California State Board, NAMI Training Coordinator for LAPD, and compiles all the news that's fit to print for our weekly NAMI SFV e-newsletter. 

Episode 3 - 08/24/2020: Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter,  daughter of Marla Thomas and stepfather Dave Thomas, is best known as the star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood from ’13 - ’19, and singer/songwriter who sang the theme song for America's Next Top Model, which Dave Thomas wrote and produced. Part of Moniece's appeal besides her celebrity status is she's plain-spoken, revealing insight into her mental-illness recovery progress. 

Episode 2 - 08/17/2020: Kim Bunnell

Kim Bunnell, our wonderful President of NAMI Greater Los Angeles County, candidly talks about how helping his best friend's son who has mental illness motivated him to be president. His truthful story-telling provides an opportunity for anyone to reflect and examine the importance of being involved in a community that makes the world a better place. 

Episode 1 - 08/10/2020: Sabu Terry & Elisa Delatorre

Sabu Terry & Elisa Delatorre bravely open up about how they learned to navigate the difficult job of caring for loved ones with mental illness while striving to keep their relationship mentally healthy. These two provide encouragement to those struggling to maintain "couple-love" while learning new ways to lovingly care for mentally ill loved ones.

Pilot Episode 1: Leah Messer

Leah Messer is famously known for being in the hit TV show, "Teen Mom" and her published memoir, "Hope, Grace, and Faith". On this episode of MHM, Leah shares with us her own personal experiences as a teen mom and how it affected her mental health, as well as what it was like being in the spotlight at a young age.

Pilot Episode 2: Mark Gale

Mark Gale, a bright everyday businessman, is from our very own NAMI GLAC, and also a Criminal Justice Chair Member. He shares his harrowing story about his mentally ill son’s experiences with the criminal court system.  Mark’s transparency provides conviction and hope for anyone who is currently scared and frustrated with properly navigating the criminal court system. 



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