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Marla and Dave


Marla is explosive, and Dave is intellectual. Together they offer a unique, brand of specialty
entertainment, and informative perspective about life, with a touch of comedy, in a M.a.D
(Marla and Dave) world. Married for 32 years, Marla and Dave, despite their public and hectic
lifestyles have raised 3 beautiful children, and are proud to be grandparents to their grandson.
Together they have weathered storms that would bring most people to their knees. Instead of
folding, they have chosen to turn their pain into purpose.

Marla, like many women, wears many hats. These hats include, certified personal trainer for
over 16 years, serving her community as one of L.A.’s premier real estate agents, and last but
certainly not least, being a constant anchor for her family. Her electric personality can be felt
the moment you encounter her, whether it is in the cyber world or in person. No stranger to
the spotlight Marla has always insisted on using her voice to inspire and help others through
her, self-branded process, “responsible honesty.” No matter how you get to know her, wife,
mother, trainer, realtor, or entertainer, one thing is certain, she wears her heart on her sleeve.
Dave is on the complete other end of the spectrum. His introverted nature, a stark contrast to
Marla. Yet, his talents are known world-wide, as member of the 10-time Grammy award
winning acapella sextet, Take 6. Despite the stark differences between the worlds of Marla and
Dave, they are equally passionate about their mission to both educate and support families
who share their unfortunate reality of supporting an adult child who has been diagnosed as
“brain different.”

Making the decision to fight against mental health injustice has been both painful and public.
Marla says, “Finding out our son’s diagnosis of Bipolar1 / Schizo-Affective disorder, at the age of
23 was more than upsetting, it was DEVASTATING!” The only thing worse than his diagnosis,
was finding out the mental health system is so broken. The only choice most families are left
with, is to abandon their suffering loved ones, due to the lack of education, resources, and
support. David says, “Our story is like countless others who have found themselves fighting a
never-ending battle for support and solutions, which has led us to turn our pain into purpose,
by assisting families who make the choice to “Love Beyond Reason!”.

Marla and Dave’s journey and experiences have led them to both establish a 501-3c non-profit
charity – Loving Beyond Reason TM, and lend their voices and talents to weekly broadcast,
Mental Health Monday, aimed at erasing the stigma surrounding mental health, and offering
help to those who are committed to love their “brain different” loved ones “beyond reason!”



HelpLine: (818) 994-6747

email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 11100 Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 8 PMB 392., Mission Hills, CA 91345


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