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Implementation of Laura’s Law Will Save Lives, Improve Quality of Life For Those Living With Severe Mental Illness

Please add your name to the petition to implement Laura’s Law and help prevent the tragic consequences of untreated mental illness. Learn more today. Laura’s Law FAQ

Check out scholarly and well-researched article about assisted outpatient treatment (AOT- AB 1421 Laura’s Law) published in Psychiatric Services which concludes that AOT is cost neutral in the first year!


To Each Los Angeles County Supervisor and to the Board: Thank you for adopting Laura’s Law (Calif. AB 1421 of 2002) in Los Angeles County in 2004. However, we need full implementation of Laura’s Law. People with mental illness should not have to deteriorate to the point they are on the street, end up in jail or prison, victimized or dead. Waiting for danger is too late. We need Laura’s Law now. Please fully implement Laura’s Law in Los Angeles County.

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